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Stimpy's Sports Bar & Grill

Are you thinking about eating out in a great restaurant that's also a bar? Stimpy's Sports Bar and Grill has a lot to offer. Expect a great night out at SSBG with your Family.

Stimpy's includes the best bar in Kent. A lot of Customers comment on the amazing blue cheese burgers. The place has a great, energetic atmosphere with a lot to offer.

If you are looking for fast service, clean surrounding and a lot of good vibe, be sure to check out this place. You won't be disappointed!

A few times per month, you will expect local bands to play great music.

The Bar & Grill houses very pleasant staff. Lots of big screen televisions with multiple sport channels being displayed. You can also find several video games to really entertain you, your date or your family.

Also expect the following:

Pull tables,
Dart boards,
Pool league in the evenings

Are you having a Birthday soon? Stimpy's is absolutely a great place to celebrate your Birthday. Let the staff know up front and you will expect a surprise! You will certainly not be disappointed!

When you arrive, you will notice extra large menus. The appealing smell and great vibes makes this place the perfect place for a great night out!

You will also notice the furniture. Not the modern day tables and chairs. The style is to keep it simple and classic.

A few months back, this Bar and Grill went through remodeling. The staff did a great job completing the remodeling process that brightens the bar up.

Unlike other Bars and Grills that don't have very clean bathrooms, here at Stimpy's, expect to see very clean looking bathrooms. In fact, a lot of visitors and tourists complement how clean the bathrooms look when they visit.

The most common complements from reviewers are:

The customer service is great!
Food is very good!
The Atmosphere is absolutely terrific!

Lets go over the prices. Prices are very reasonable here. Grab a burger with French fries and expect to pay around $10-$15.

Next, you will notice a wide select of beer from around the world. With that, you will notice quite a few pool tables.

What Customers really like about this place is how roomy it is. Unlike other restaurants that are cramped, Stimpy's is very roomy and comfortable.

If you are looking for the perfect Sports Bar Vibe, this is a great place to visit. A lot of tourists definitely raved about how interesting the Sports Bar is. A lot of different options from great Foods to iconic drinks, you'll find a lot of choices that will satisfy your taste buds.

This bar and Grill is definitely one of the best, if not the best place to play pool league. You will certainly not be disappointed. Take your date out and enjoy all kinds of games, sports and even movies.

You won't find a top notch place anywhere else. A lot of servers go out of their way to provide you with world class service!

When you are in Kent, definitely check out this place You'll love it!

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