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What is the Best Flooring if I have pets

Pets are excellent and comforting companions. However, these friendly animals come with a share of responsibilities. Finding the best floor for your pets is among the crucial issues to consider if you are a pet lover. This article exposes you to the best flooring for pet lovers, including hardwood flooring, engineered flooring, solid hardwood flooring, prefinished hardwood flooring, and so on to guide you on how to live harmoniously with your pets.
What to Consider Before Choosing Floor if you Have pets
In your search for the best flooring for your pets, there are characteristics you ought to consider, such as.
Water-resistance - Training your pet is never enough. This is because no matter how well trained your pet is, accidents are bound to happen. Common accidents include spillage, mud on their feet, and drooling cases. For these reasons, the right floor for pets ought to be water-resistant.
Scratch-Resistance - Dogs and cats can cause scratches on fragile floors. A good floor for pets should, therefore, be scratch proof. It is imperative to go for hard floors. Thus, it would be wise to go for hard floors that contain a robust protective layer to blend in.
Easy to Clean - Pets are prone to accidents, mud, and leaving fur deposits. Hence, it would be best if you opted for a floor type that can give you easy cleaning time.
Durability - Scratches are inevitable more so for dog lovers. It would be helpful if you went for a flooring option that is strong and long-lasting.
Best Flooring for Pets
There is a wide range of flooring options that are compatible with pet lovers. Such floors include;
1. Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood flooring is among the favorites for pet lovers. However, most hardwoods are not scratch resistant. It is imperative to consider a high-performance hardwood. Wood is generally softer than stone and tiles. Nonetheless, most companies manufacture high-quality hardwoods that come with warranties and extra finishes to ensure credibility. If you are considering hardwood flooring, you should consider solid hardwoord flooring which's density and durability is guaranteed.
2. Engineered Hardwood
Engineered hardwood also makes it to the list of best flooring for pets. These floors require minimal low maintenance and are ideal for homes with moisture concerns. The design decreases pet accidents and expansion issues. Plus, engineered hardwood is easy to clean. For engineered hardwood, it is crucial to consider factors such as hardness, the durability of the wood, and resistance to scratches.
3. Solid Hardwood Flooring
Solid hardwood flooring comprises of particular planks of a specific species of hardwood. You will come across a wide range of types, features, and prices of hardwood. The benefits of settling for solid hardwood flooring include; it gives you the flexibility to furnish several times according to your tastes and preferences. Also, this kind is relatively durable and a preferred choice in the market.
Not all flooring options are ideal for pet keepers. It would be best if you avoided softwoods such as American cherry and pine since they dent easily. More durable species include species such as Brazilian koa, Brazilian cherry, and white oaks. These kinds guarantee durability and are more resistant to scratches.
Owning and installing these floors does not require much. They are relatively affordable, depending on quality. However, these floors deny your pet's comfort since they tend to be hard and cold. Thus, if you live in a cold environment, you should consider installing an underfloor heating system to provide warmth for your pet and yourself.
This type of flooring is also an ideal choice for pet owners. It has a high Janka hardness rating. The advantages of choosing this flooring type include; it is made from hard and durable material. Another advantage is that your dog’s claws have nothing on this type of floor. Due to its hard design, this flooring type is resistant to scratch, thus remaining pretty for a long duration. What is least admirable about this is that you will have to spend more because they are expensive to purchase.
5. Cork Flooring
This type is also an excellent choice for pet lovers. It resembles hardwood flooring and has an attractive look. Its microbial nature means that in the case where your pet has an accident on the floor, this kind is less likely to develop bacterial growth and other toxic allergens.
Cork flooring also absorbs sound. Thus, it is ideal if you are a pet lover but loath the sound of feet. It is also partially scratch-resistant, but it is advisable to keep your pet's nails trimmed.
6. Bamboo
Bamboo flooring has a similar look and feel to hardwood. They comprise eco-friendly options for wood flooring. Bamboo flooring comes in diverse types, just like hardwood, and is described as sturdy and durable. It is easy to install. Although it is the right choice, bamboo flooring has a carbon footprint since bamboo is shipped from Asia. Their prices are also varied according to durability. Cheaper floorings are prone to dents and scratches.
Other Flooring Ideas for Pet Owners
Laminate flooring is similar to engineered wood. It comprises of thin veneers above plywood layers of compressed fibers. The top layer is made clear plastic coating and not wood. By appearance, this flooring type is identical to stone, tile, and wood. Laminate is easy to install as it requires no glue or nails. This option is pocket-friendly, easy to clean, and requires less maintenance. Plus, this material is more resistant to scratching, unlike real wood.
Just like tiles, laminate can be slippery when wet increasing the chances of accidents. It can also be affected if water gets between the layers of its materials, causing wear and tear.
8. Linoleum
Linoleum is a resilient floor type that has existed for more than a century. This flooring type is made from renewable, natural materials such as linseed oil and cork powder. Linoleum flooring is more durable than vinyl and provides a soft sensation underfoot. The downside of this flooring type is that it is susceptible to tears from sharp materials and denting from high heels.
Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl flooring is among the top options for dogs and cat lovers. Commonly known as resilient flooring, vinyl sheet flooring is one of the most durable flooring types. A properly installed vinyl floor will withstand the test of time without tears or scratches and is also water-proof. They are also easy to clean against urine accidents, vomits, and other accidents.
Compared to wood or tile, vinyl flooring is relatively soft and resistant to scratches. When it comes to pricing, vinyl floor prices are relatively lower compared to its competitors. This is both a blessing and a curse since cheap is expensive in the long run since the durability of affordable vinyl flooring types is wanting.
Tile and Stone Flooring
This is also one of the top options when talking about pet-friendly floors. This type blends well with pets of all sizes. They are easy to clean against any accidents. Also, these floors are resistant to stain. Another advantage of this flooring type is that they are water-proof, thus easy to wash and disinfect.
Owning and installing these floors does not require much. They are relatively affordable, depending on quality. However, these floors deny your pet's comfort since they tend to be hard and cold. Thus, if you live in a cold environment, you should consider installing an underfloor heating system to provide warmth for your pet and yourself.
Keeping pets seems easy, but that is not the case. Pets, just like humans, require proper care and hygiene. Finding the best flooring type for your pet should be among your priorities if you consider keeping one. Consider the above factors for an ideal floor for both your pet and family.


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